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Caffivia™ Coffee Body Toning Roller

Caffivia™ Coffee Body Toning Roller

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Caffivia™ Coffee Body Toning Roller

Caffivia™ Coffee Body Toning Roller

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price
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96% users are satisfied with the incredible reuslt achieved. Be motivated and let your journey start today!

"Weight loss has always been a challenge for me and I never thought that it will be a success. My secret to this amazing result is Caffivia™ Coffee Body Toning Roller. I had a sedentary lifestyle. I rarely made time for exercise, often using "I'm too busy" as an excuse. So the only thing I did to keep diet is daily application of this roller and eat lesser junk food. Amazingly, after 2 weeks, I noticed a superior compression to shape and support my body while lifting and contouring curves, also cellulite got smoothen out. I highly recommend Caffivia™ Coffee Body Toning Roller for anyone looking to improve their body shape at ease."  

-Helen, 27, San Fransico, CA

"At 38 years old, I have been fighting the battle against my weight for a long time, but this shaper has made a considerable difference to my shape and confidence - it's the best thing I bought this year. It's reduced my stomach, waist and back bulges, and also given my thighs and buttocks a firmer, toned look in less than a month. All I did was rolling it over areas with obvious cellulite and I am unhappy with daily; I haven't even gone to the gym, but I've noticed a marked change in my body shape. This product is truly magical, it's worked wonders for me and for those who want a perfect body without the hassle."

-Elanor, 38, Boston, MC

The Hidden Reasons Why Belly Fat Accumulates Faster

Many women may experience an increase in belly fat as they age, even if their overall weight remains the same. This can be due to factors such as poor circulation, hormonal changes, and a slower metabolism that occurs as the body ages. These factors can make it more challenging to maintain a healthy weight and may lead to an accumulation of fat in the abdominal area. Poor digestive and circulatory function can lead to an increase in belly fat. These systems are vital for the body's organs' metabolism and proper functioning. When these systems are not working at their best, the metabolism can slow down, making it harder for the body to burn calories and lose weight, accumulating fat in the abdominal area.

How does Caffivia™ Coffee Body Toning Roller Work?

Caffivia™ Coffee Body Toning Roller includes 3 key ingredients that was scientifically proven to increase metabolism, burn fat and smooth cellulite. 

  • 90% Caffeine 
    Scientific studies prove caffeine can effectively increase blood flow and stimulate fat breakdown. According to experiments, people who applies Caffivia™ daily results in a more significant cellulite reduction as caffeine dehydrates the fat cells, improves the overall texture and tone of the skin. Additionally, coffee contains antioxidants that can help to protect the skin from damage and aging.

  • 5% Coconut Extract
    According to study from The Journal of Nutrition, coconut oil is rich in medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which is a key fatty acid needed for effective weight loss. For a better energy release, the body needs a certain amount of MCTs to work in order to perform quick digestions and metabolism. This process concludes in increase of energy expenditure and promotion of fat burning. By which means, people with more MCTs tends to loss weight easier. 

  • 5% Phyosonic
    Phyosonic is a natural complex build up from three synergistic herbal extracts - Glaucium flavum, Euglena gracilis, and Vegetal caffeine. The combination helps to enhance the penetration of ultrasound waves deep into the layers of fat under the skin. Phyosonic mimics the effects of ultrasound wave fat dissolving technology which can stimulate the body's natural fat-burning process, breaking down fat tissues into energy, eliminating toxins, and reducing the amount of fat in the body.

What are the features of Caffivia™ Coffee Body Toning Roller, and how is it used?

Caffivia™ Coffee Body Toning Roller is designed for easy application with rolling motion. It helps to improve blood flow and circulation throughout the body, aiding in weight loss. Application of Caffivia™ in the motion of rolling helps to sculpt and contour the body, creating a desired shape without much effort. Key ingredients in Caffivia™ will increase body temperature and help with better metabolism, resulting an enhancement in fat burning rate.  

Eliminate Belly Fat in Only a Week!

Caffivia™ Coffee Body Toning Roller consists of all natural fat burning ingredients to aid in weight loss, burn fat, and cellulite reduction. Our product is perfect in size that could aim fat in all areas, from belly fat, underarms to your thigh. Roll on daily in clockwise motion in desired area to help sculpt and contour the body to your desired shape. This unique combination of roller massager and Caffivia™ makes achieving your weight loss and body-shaping goals easy while enhancing skin elasticity the same time.

Caffivia™ Coffee Body Toning Roller is the perfect way to shape your body and lose weight - with unique features and benefits!

✅ Promotes Weight Loss

✅ Helps Burn Fat

✅ Boosts Blood Flow & Circulation

✅ Improves Metabolism rate

✅ Reshape & Sculpt Body

✅ Smoothen Cellulites 

✅ Easy Application

✅ Zero Side Effects 

✅ Non-toxic, Zero Chemical

Package Includes:

-Unisex, Suitable for All Skin Types

- Ingredients: Caffeine, Coconut Extract, Phyosonic

- 1PC/ 2PCS/ 5PCS/ 10PCS Caffivia™ Coffee Body Toning Roller

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