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Eyeris+ 4D Airbag Vibration Eye Massager

Eyeris+ 4D Airbag Vibration Eye Massager

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Eyeris+ 4D Airbag Vibration Eye Massager

Eyeris+ 4D Airbag Vibration Eye Massager

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price
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Before introducing our fantastic product, let's first showcase our satisfied customers!

"Wow, I can't believe how much better my eyes feel! I've been dealing with eye puffiness and wrinkles for a while, and it's been frustrating. But now, since using the massager, it seems like those issues have totally disappeared. My eyes don't look puffy anymore; they appear younger than they have in years. I've never seen a product that works this well - the Eyeris+ 4D Airbag Vibration Eye Massager has everything!" - Sonya, 43, New Jersey.

"As a working professional, my job requires me to work long hours to complete projects on time. This often results in me staying up late and feeling exhausted and stressed. My friend noticed my constant fatigue and recommended Eyeris+ to solve my problems. To my surprise, the Eyeris+ device worked wonders for me. It helped me unwind after a long day of work, and the vibrations from the device helped alleviate the tension in my eyes and forehead. I felt more relaxed and rejuvenated, allowing me to tackle my work with renewed energy and focus!" - Sophia, 42, Las Vegas.

What are the root cause of dark circles, puffy eyes, and wrinkles around our eyes?

The origin of these typical skin issues can be attributed to the layer of fat under our skin, known as the dermis. The dermis accounts for around one-third of our skin thickness and houses the cells responsible for maintaining our body structure, as well as balancing hydration and dryness levels to promote skin health.

When the dermal layer becomes dehydrated, it can lead to the formation of wrinkles and sagging, resulting in fine lines around the eyes and mouth. The deterioration of the underlying muscular and connective tissue supporting the eyelids can cause the development of under-eye bags, sagging skin, and fat accumulation beneath the eyes. Dark circles may arise from dryness or a lack of oxygen in the area, exposing the blood vessels underneath. Puffy eyes can occur due to fluid retention or an excessive accumulation of fluid under the eyelids, which can cause the lower eyelids to slide into the supporting fat, producing a swollen appearance.

The Eyeris+ 4D Airbag Vibration Eye Massager is a cutting-edge portable device that provides the ultimate solution for eye care.

Are you tired of dealing with puffy, droopy, and fatigued-looking eyes? Say goodbye to those concerns with the Eyeris+ 4D Airbag Vibration Eye Massager! This state-of-the-art device offers a distinctive type of eye massage that utilizes gentle, rhythmic pressure to ease tension in the muscles surrounding your eyes, diminishing the impact of tiredness and stress.

Utilizing kneading, trigger point therapy, and rhythmic percussion massage techniques, the Eyeris+ 4D Airbag Vibration Eye Massager provides a gentle yet effective touch for your eyes. When targeting specific acupuncture points, the device can enhance cellular nutrition, activate a cellular function, promote capillary blood dilation and oxygen supply, regulate autonomous nerves, improve microcirculation, and stimulate nerve cells, enhancing visual quality. Consequently, it helps to eliminate the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and drooping skin around the eyes.

Experience deeper massage point stimulation and enhanced blood circulation with the Eyeris+ 4D Airbag Vibration Eye Massager's powerful heating massage, intelligent multi-frequency vibration massage, and air pressure circulation capabilities. With its sequential inflation and deflation of airbags, this device targets nine acupoint groups around the eyes, providing a fifteen-minute massage session that aids in relieving eye fatigue, and diminishing the appearance of eye bags, dark circles, and puffiness, among other benefits. Don't wait any longer; get your hands on one today!

What makes Eyeris+ 4D Airbag Vibration Eye Massager so special?

  • Reduce the appearance of dark circles: The Eyeris+ 4D Airbag Vibration Eye Massager's airbag compression and vibration technology work together to enhance circulation and lymphatic drainage around the eyes, decreasing the visibility of dark circles.
  • Reduce puffiness: The Eyeris+ 4D Airbag Vibration Eye Massager's gentle airbag compression and vibration massage techniques can assist in reducing puffiness and swelling around the eyes, which may arise due to sleep deprivation, allergies or the aging process.
  • Smoothing fine lines and wrinkles: The Eyeris+ 4D Airbag Vibration Eye Massager's gentle heat therapy and vibration can help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, resulting in more youthful and revitalized-looking skin.

Eyeris+ Smart features:

  • 4D Airbag: Eyeris+4D Airbag compression technology delivers a gentle massage around the entire eye region. The airbags are crafted to replicate the sensation of a human hand massage. Unlike other eye massagers that only focus on one or two regions of the eyes, the 4D Airbag targets all four quadrants of the eyes, providing maximum relaxation.
  • Vibration Massager: Along with airbag compression, the Eyeris+ 4D Airbag Vibration Eye Massager also offers vibration massage to aid in relaxation and relieve eye strain. Combining airbag and vibration massage produces a synergistic effect, enhancing the massaging experience.
  • Adjustable Settings: Users can tailor their massage experience to their liking with the Eyeris+ 4D Airbag Vibration Eye Massager's adjustable settings, which enable them to modify the massage's intensity level.
  • 3D ergonomic design: The Eyeris+ is intended to be user-friendly and portable, featuring a rechargeable battery and a carrying case, allowing users to use it easily while moving.

Discover Emma's exceptional experience with the Eyeris+ 4D Airbag Vibration Eye Massager:

"In the past, I had difficulty with social anxiety and feelings of low self-worth. I found maintaining eye contact with others challenging due to my concerns about my eye bags and wrinkles, which I believed made me look tired and unapproachable. I was convinced that my appearance directly impacted how others perceived me, leading me to take steps to conceal my eyes, such as hiding behind my hair or wearing sunglasses regularly."

"My life changed when I discovered the Eyeris+ 4D Airbag Vibration Eye Massager. Within just two weeks of using it, I noticed a significant improvement in the appearance of my dark circles. They've become lighter and more vibrant, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Although I'm tempted to keep my success a secret, I know this product is too good not to share. If you try it out and experience the same fantastic outcomes, you'll undoubtedly want to spread the word too!"


  • Cleanse and dry off your entire face.
  • Activate the device and fasten it at eye level.
  • Select the most effective massage technique for you.
  • Use it for around 5 to 10 minutes.
  • For optimal effects, use frequently.


  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Battery Operated (AAA)
  • Type: eye massager

Product Includes

  • 1 x Eyeris+ 4D Airbag Vibration Eye Massager/1 x Eyeris + Eye gel
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