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DR. Reilly™ Skin Tag Remover

DR. Reilly™ Skin Tag Remover

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DR. Reilly™ Skin Tag Remover

DR. Reilly™ Skin Tag Remover

Regular price $19.97
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The DR. Reilly™ Skin Tag Remover uses a combination of Cryotherapy freezing technology and natural plant extracts to effectively remove skin tags in as fast as 7 days.

A skin tag is a tiny piece of hanging skin that is typically flesh-colored or brownish and commonly appears on the eyelids, upper chest, and other areas with skin creases or folds. Skin tags are common and harmless, but if you’re one of those who are bothered by the sight of it, the DR. Reilly™ Skin Tag Remover offers a safe, fast-acting, and painless at-home treatment.


The DR. Reilly™ Skin Tag Remover uses "Compound F" and Cryotherapy freezing technology, which is similar to the freeze method that doctors use to effectively get rid of skin tags and common warts.

With just a single droplet on the problem area, the formula penetrates deeply and starts working immediately. It freezes up and destroys the skin tag cell on the spot, causing it to naturally fall off within two weeks.

This liquid treatment features a precision tip application that specifically targets the skin tag or wart, not the surrounding skin. And although it’s powerful enough to freeze off skin tags, it provides effective treatment without causing side effects and irritation or leaving you with scars.

The DR. Reilly™ Skin Tag Remover goes beyond skin tag and wart removal. Its natural formula is infused with acer platanoides, a plant extract, to protect the surrounding healthy skin surface and prevents scarring by lightening the discolored spot from where the wart or skin tag falls off.

Product Benefits:

  • Uses Cryotherapy freezing technology to penetrate deeply into skin to kill skin tag cells and freeze up the surface skin tag
  • Delivers fast and effective skin tag removal in single droplet
  • Contains a natural plant extract that protects the skin surface
  • Features a precision tip for targeted treatment
  • Gets rid of common warts, moles, brown spots, and nevus
  • Clinically proven safe to use
  • Can be used on the face or body

I don't usually recommend home remedies or topical treatments for skin tags, but the DR. Reilly™ Skin Tag Remover is an exception. This product is effective in freezing off the fleshy growth without causing infection and irritation. It also provides aftercare to prevent development of a scar.” - Dr. Lucy Price, a board-certified, Toledo, Ohio-based dermatologist


Sarah Stewart shares how the DR. Reilly™ Skin Tag Remover got rid of skin tags in less than two weeks.

I’ve developed some hanging fleshy growths on my neck, which just looked unsightly. I wanted to get rid of them and decided to give the DR. Reilly™ Skin Tag Remover a try as a last resort before visiting a derm.

Day 1:

I applied this liquid treatment on these two very noticeable skin tags on my neck, and I could actually feel some stinging, but nothing uncomfortable. Probably just the formula working their magic.

Day 4:

After using this product for the past few days, I noticed that the brown skin tags were shrinking and turned skin colored. This amazingly worked fast!

Day 8:

I could not believe my skin tags just fell off. There are literally no signs of them after only a few uses of this product. This is a miracle worker! Although I could feel some sting while applying, there wasn’t any pain or irritation. 100% highly recommend!

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Product Specifications:

  • Net weight: 5ml (g/ml)
  • Core ingredients: Dimethyl Ether, Propane, Isobutane, Acer Platanoides

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Package includes:

  • 1 x DR. Reilly™ Skin Tag Remover


--------------------  User’s Review --------------------- 

Elsie Watson, USA

The liquid nitrogen that doctors used to remove my skin tags hurt because my skin was being frozen and it felt like a burn. It was, of course, effective, but I decided not to go through the experience again. So I bought the DR. Reilly™ Skin Tag Remover to remove the rest of tags, which developed all over my neck, and it does the job. This one also uses the freezing method but minus the burning sensation. Tags just naturally fell off after two weeks.

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Molly Mcdonald, UK

The DR. Reilly™ Skin Tag Remover works much better than the caustic chemical burn off method and much safer too! It’s easy to apply. There’s a bit of stinging but it will really work to remove the flesh growth without leaving any scar. Great product!


Sean Burke, AU

When I first used the DR. Reilly™ Skin Tag Remover, it really did reduce the size of my wart, and then leave the skin where the wart was at with a slightly different pigment color. I decided to continue applying in the same area for another week and the virus and scarring were completely gone. It’s been 3 months since this product removed my wart and it has not come back since.

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