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HYDRO-Pulse™ Electric Oral Water Flosser

HYDRO-Pulse™ Electric Oral Water Flosser

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  • Cruelty Free
  • Pthalate Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Parfum Free


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HYDRO-Pulse™ Electric Oral Water Flosser

HYDRO-Pulse™ Electric Oral Water Flosser

Regular price $39.97
Regular price $39.97 Sale price
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Witness the Overflowing Happiness in the Testimonials of HYDRO-Pulse™ Electric Oral Water Flosser Users!

Alicia Woods, AU

Because of my sensitive gums, my dentist recommended that I get a water flosser. The HYDRO-Pulse™ Electric Oral Water Flosser has been a game changer for me! I tried using this after using a traditional floss, and it still got more food particles from my teeth and gums. My teeth have never felt so clean! I love this because it is portable and easy to use as well as very effective. I must say that there was a learning curve for me in using it at first; so I began in the shower. It’s safe to use while taking a shower because of the waterproof design. Just remember to turn it off before you remove it from your mouth to avoid water splashing across your mirror. I absolutely love this. Teeth and gums were never this clean before!

Oscar Chambers, USA

I recently purchased the HYDRO-Pulse™ Electric Oral Water Flosser, and I must say it has exceeded my expectations in every way. This exceptional device has transformed my oral hygiene routine and left me with a cleaner, healthier mouth. Here are the key reasons why I highly recommend this water flosser: It delivers an unmatched cleaning experience. It's perfect for those with sensitive gums or dental work such as braces or implants. This comes with interchangeable tips to suit your needs, making it an ideal tool for the entire family. Since adding the water flosser into my routine, I've noticed a significant improvement in my oral health. My gums are healthier and I have experienced reduction in bleeding and sensitivity. Overall, this portable electric flosser is an outstanding device that has revolutionized my oral hygiene. I highly recommend this!

Effortlessly eliminate plaque, tartar, and food debris with the HYDRO-Pulse™ Electric Oral Water Flosser! Experience a thorough cleanse, targeting hard-to-reach areas for cleaner teeth, fresher breath, and healthier gums!

Unlock the Secret to Superior Oral Health with a Water Flosser - Here's Why!

A water flosser, also known as an oral irrigator, uses a pulsating stream of water to clean between teeth and along the gumline. While brushing at least twice a day is important, it’s not enough to clean hard to reach places. So, adding a water flosser to your oral hygiene can keep your smile sparkling and your teeth and gums clean and healthy.

When teeth are not properly cleaned and plaques are not completely removed, several issues can arise. Plaque buildup can lead to cavities, bad breath, and gum disease. Using a water flosser provides a deep clean to prevent these issues from happening.

A water flosser can reach the places that traditional floss may miss, such as tight gaps and braces. The powerful stream of water from this handheld device dislodges food particles and bacteria, leaving your teeth cleaner and fresher.

Additionally, water flossers effectively remove plaque, reducing the risk of cavities, tooth decay and gum disease. And unlike the traditional nylon or plastic floss, a water flosser will not irritate the gums and cause inflamed and bleeding gums. In fact, it gently massages and stimulates gums and helps prevent gum problems like gingivitis and periodontitis, making it a gentler and better alternative to traditional dental floss.

Dr. Aubrey Stafford, a board-certified dentist, on the technology behind water flosser

Based on research, water flossers are up to 29% more effective than traditional flosses as they use an innovative technology to enhance oral hygiene. This type of oral cleaning device delivers a controlled stream of pulsating water to efficiently remove plaque, debris, and bacteria from between your teeth and along the gumline.

Instead of scraping the teeth to remove plaque, water flossing involves the use of water pressure to massage the gums and dislodge food particles and plaque from the teeth. Water flossers deliver a deep and effective clean without the abrasiveness of the regular dental flosses, making them generally safe to use.

Product Features:

  • Powerful performance packed into a compact form

Our HYDRO-Pulse™ Electric Oral Water Flosser comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and copper motor-driven pump that generates the powerful pulsating water flow. Additionally, the device is portable and lightweight, so it doesn’t require too much counter space and is easy to bring anywhere and during travel. Although it’s small, this compact oral water flosser packs a punch in terms of power output and water pressure, ensuring an efficient job of getting gunk out from in between your teeth with each use.

  • 3 mode (weak strong pulse) 360° Coverage

The HYDRO-Pulse™ Electric Oral Water Flosser features high-power stream delivery to deeply cleans teeth, while providing a mix of comfort and effectiveness. This water flosser has 3 modes that allow you to adjust water pressure settings and customize the cleaning experience based on individual preferences and comfort level, making it suitable for different teeth cleaning and oral health needs.

  • 4 changeable head

It also features a 360° rotatable nozzle with 4 changeable heads to direct the water jet precisely, ensuring a thorough and comfortable cleaning process. The 360° coverage with different nozzle attachments lets you easily floss at any angle and efficiently remove dirt, plaque, and trapped food particles from hard to reach areas of the mouth and teeth without causing bleeding gums.

  • IPX7 waterproof design

The IPX7 waterproof design of this cordless water flosser allows you to use it in the shower without any trouble. Both the interior and exterior of this oral irrigator is fully waterproof, providing double the protection from water damage and making this device safe to use while you’re showering in the bathroom. The ergonomic design also makes it easy to grip and operate.

  • 230ml big volume

Our electric water flosser features a 230-ml water tank, which provides an ample supply of water to clean the entire mouth thoroughly and for extended use. No need to repeatedly add water while you’re cleaning your teeth! This device’s attachable design also allows you to conveniently clean the interior for repeated use.

How to Use:

  • Charge the unit. Insert the charger on the back of the unit.
  • Once charging is completed, open the lid of the HYDRO-Pulse™ Electric Oral Water Flosser and fill the tank with water.
  • Select the tip of your choice and insert the tip.
  • Select mode. Start with the weakest mode.
  • Floss the front and backside of the teeth for one minute a day.
  • Once you're done, press the eject button to remove the tip. 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x HYDRO-Pulse™ Electric Oral Water Flosser



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