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GLODIANT™ Renew Peptide Lifting Eye Gel

GLODIANT™ Renew Peptide Lifting Eye Gel

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  • Cruelty Free
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GLODIANT™ Renew Peptide Lifting Eye Gel

GLODIANT™ Renew Peptide Lifting Eye Gel

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price $41.99
SAVE 40% Sold out

See a Clinically Proven Visible Lift in 4 Weeks - Say Goodbye to Saggy Dark Under Eyes!


“I am a 42 years old lady and I noticed serious under eye circles and wrinkles. Tried many products that claimed to smooth out wrinkles 100% but I guess none works on me. Was quite disappointed, until I met GLODIANT™ Renew Peptide Lifting Eye Gel. Gotta say I am skeptical at first but after 4 weeks of application, I fell in love with this gel. It doesn't irritate my eyes, moreover 90% of the wrinkles were gone! Pigmentation around eyes have also disappeared. I am sooo satisfied with this gel! "

- Jasmine L, 42, California. 

“I approve this product, I really love this gel! It was super effective and relaxing when I applied around my eyes. I've seen a big difference using the product within days and I use them every other day. The puffiness lessen, dark circles are vanishing and I feel light around my eyes after using it for a few weeks. Definitely going to recommend this to my friends!”

- Hermione J, 52, West Virginia. 

“Cannot say enough how impressed I am with GLODIANT™ Renew Peptide Lifting Eye GelBy. I can already see my eyes look much more awake and lifted by the 2nd week! Got a few compliments from my friends, that I look much younger. Eyes brighten up, less puffed and 96% fine lines disappeared. Anyone seeking for an effective eye lifting product, this is 100% recommended! Definitely effective and affordable.”

- Katie O, 39, Texas. 

How are Under Eye Circles & Eye Bags are Formed? 

Sagging skin and fluid retention under the eyes can be caused by weakened tissue structures and muscles that support the eyelids. This can lead to fat shifting into the area underneath the eyes, creating bags.

While under eye circles are caused by melanin, the pigment that gives skin its colour, as well as leakage in the capillaries which can be caused by low levels of Vitamin K or stress. When the blood spreads out beneath the skin and gets oxidized, it turns a dark purple which can be seen through the skin.

How does GLODIANT™ Renew Peptide Lifting Eye Gel Works?

GLODIANT™ Renew Peptide Lifting Eye Gel is formulated with a lab approved, gentle tissue essences which lifts away 90% fine lines and deep wrinkles with continuous application! It instantly restores and plump healthy elasticity of the pouch and wrinkles to make you look 10x younger! With long term use, it does not only rewind age, but as well as brightens up the surrounds of your eyes for a more awake appearance! 

Key Components in GLODIANT™ Renew Peptide Lifting Eye Gel 

GLODIANT™ Renew Peptide Lifting Eye Gel consists of 4 key ingredients that are scientifically proven to be effectively lifting and improving eyes condition:

  • 2nd Generation Crocodile Oil
    According to studies from board-certified dermatologists, Crocodile Oil has a tightening effect around the eyes. It is super rare and has the ability to reduce excessive fluid accumulation and stimulate collagen production, giving the eyes a tightened appearance while reducing appearance of wrinkles. 

  • Centella Asiatica
    Centella Asiatica strengthens the skin barrier. It helps to protect the skin from external environmental stressors, which can cause a reduction of elasticity. 

  • Sodium Hyaluronate
    According to studies and experiments Sodium Hyaluronate is an effective moisturiser for skin. It also helps strengthen the barrier of skin to prevent lost of moisture into environment. 

  • Aloe Vera
    Aloe Vera is well known for its soothing and moisturising effect. It gives a comfortable relaxing effect to your eyes after application. Long term use can make your eyes look much more awake and less puffed. 



GLODIANT™ Renew Peptide Lifting Eye Gel is a tinted gel, it will give instant coverage to blemishes and pigmentations around eyes without drying out. Simply apply and massage daily on area you wish to improve, and you will see change in few times use. 

Loved by Thousands of Professionals!

Nominee product of 2023 Beauty Awards. GLODIANT™ Renew Peptide Lifting Eye Gel is the most trusted eye product by over thousands of dermatologist. With an affordable budget, get medical level eye lifting product now! 


 Dermatologist Tested
✔ Reduces 90% Fine Lines & Wrinkles
✔ Reduces Puffiness & Dark Circles
✔ Stimulate collagen production & Smooths Skin
✔ Instant Replenish & Calming around eyes area
✔ Stimulate Collagen 8x More Than Similar Products
✔ Instant Brightening & Tightening
✔ Repair, Strengthen & Moisturise Skin Barrier

  • Compatibility to: eye bags, wrinkles, dark eyes, puffiness, dry skin
  • Ingredients: 2nd Generation Crocodile Oil, Centella Asiatica, Sodium Hyaluronate, Aloe Vera, Water

• 2 PCS/ 4 PCS/ 8PCS/ 12PCS  GLODIANT™ Renew Peptide Lifting Eye Gel
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