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NOWORDUP™ BlurPlate 2.0 Smart LCD Car License Plate Frame

NOWORDUP™ BlurPlate 2.0 Smart LCD Car License Plate Frame

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NOWORDUP™ BlurPlate 2.0 Smart LCD Car License Plate Frame

NOWORDUP™ BlurPlate 2.0 Smart LCD Car License Plate Frame

Regular price $27.97
Regular price $27.97 Sale price
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 "Switch to Hidden Mode: Privacy Protection in a Click"

For auto enthusiasts who value privacy, whether at car exhibitions, during thrilling off-road explorations, or while navigating the highways at speed, the BlurPlate Dual Kit emerges as the ultimate selection. The NOWORDUP™ 2.0 BlurPlate Smart LCD Car License Plate Frame is ingeniously crafted for auto shows, rugged off-road adventures, and high-speed highway travel, providing a flawless shift to privacy at the mere touch of a button.

Let's take a look at some of our satisfied customers!

"As a car enthusiast who frequently attends auto shows, the NOWORDUP™ BlurPlate 2.0 has completely changed the game for me. The ability to instantly switch my plate to privacy mode with a simple click of the key fob is nothing short of revolutionary. It's not just about the privacy; it's the peace of mind knowing that my vehicle's identity is protected from unwanted attention or photography. The installation was a breeze, and the quality of the frame is top-notch. I've recommended the BlurPlate to all my fellow car club members as a must-have accessory." - Andrew, Boston MC.

"I love taking my car out on off-road adventures, but I've always been cautious about where I'm photographed for privacy reasons. With the NOWORDUP™ BlurPlate 2.0, I can easily hide my license plate in sensitive locations without any hassle. The remote control is incredibly convenient, and the frame's durability has held up against mud, water, and dust. What impressed me the most was how quickly the plate becomes opaque, making it virtually impossible for cameras to capture my plate number. It's an essential tool for anyone who values their privacy as much as their adventure." - Michelle, New Jersey.

How does NOWORDUP™ BlurPlate 2.0 Smart LCD Car License Plate Frame work?

The NOWORDUP™ BlurPlate 2.0 Smart LCD Car License Plate Frame utilizes cutting-edge Electro-optical activation for unparalleled control over your vehicle’s visibility. This state-of-the-art frame utilizes electrochromic technology within an LCD screen, enabling the license plate to transition from visible to fully obscured in a mere 0.3 seconds. This rapid change is initiated with a simple button press on the wireless remote control, allowing users to instantly blur their license plate for immediate privacy protection with unmatched speed and precision.

NOWORDUP™ BlurPlate 2.0 Smart LCD Car License Plate Frame represents a significant advancement in privacy technology for vehicles, employing a unique lens system to blur the license plate on demand. This innovative design allows vehicle owners to obscure their license plate from unwanted attention by activating a special lens overlay through a wireless remote control. The activation process is instantaneous, shifting the clear lens to a blurred state that makes the license plate difficult to read from certain angles or distances. 

Core Advantages:

🔒 Instant Privacy Control: With the BlurPlate Dual Kit, managing your privacy becomes a breeze. A quick tap on the wireless remote transforms your license plate covers to an opaque state, effectively concealing your identity from curious onlookers.

📸 Invisible to Cameras: Masterfully handles all scenarios, including direct video captures and flash photography, by making your license plate disappear in a mere 0.3 seconds.

🚗 Tailored for Exhibitions and Off-Roading: The BlurPlate transcends traditional license plate covers with its specialized design for privacy in distinct environments like auto shows and rugged terrains.

👁️ Dual Kit for Full Coverage: Equipped with two stealth-plates for the front and back of your vehicle, the BlurPlate Dual Kit is ideal for areas requiring dual plates, ensuring both legal compliance and privacy.

🌐 Remote-Controlled Convenience: Toggle between obscured and visible states with ease, thanks to the wireless remote, placing the power of privacy in your hands.

🏆 Premier Craftsmanship and Resilience: Constructed with premium materials, the NOWORDUP™ BlurPlate is built to provide lasting concealment and withstand the rigors of off-road conditions.

🔧 Hassle-Free Setup: Easily integrates with any 12V car system and is controlled remotely, freeing you from the complications of intricate wiring or electrical tasks.


This product is crafted for exhibition purposes and not intended for use on public roads. Purchase of this product signifies acceptance of our disclaimer regarding legal responsibilities or damages arising from its utilization.


Size: USA 30 X 15 CM & EU 52 X 11 CM


  • NOWORDUP™ BlurPlate 2.0 Smart LCD Car License Plate Frame * 1/2/4/8 Frame(s) / Keychain Remote
  • Step-by-Step Installation Manual *1 per package


Can I Use This on Public Streets?

  • It is designed predominantly for off-road enjoyment. We recommend verifying local regulations regarding its use on public roads.

What's the Mechanism?

  • It employs cutting-edge electrochromic glass technology for an instant switch from transparent to opaque.

What's the Installation Process?

  • The installation is a simple plug-and-play into any 12V vehicle socket. No electrical expertise is needed.

How Do I Operate It?

  • It comes equipped with a wireless keychain remote for easy toggling. Privacy is just a button push away!
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