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MEDix™ Vitiligo Relief Spray

MEDix™ Vitiligo Relief Spray

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MEDix™ Vitiligo Relief Spray

MEDix™ Vitiligo Relief Spray

Regular price $19.97
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The MEDix™ Vitiligo Relief Spray contains a slew of powerful antioxidant, anti-radical and anti-inflammatory ingredients that help stimulate the cells to produce skin pigments, providing an instant relief and long-term treatment for vitiligo.

Vitiligo, a long-term autoimmune disorder, occurs when the skin cells that make pigment (melanocytes) are disrupted or destroyed, causing milky-white patches to appear on the skin. Since the loss of skin color can appear in blotches on the face and all over the body, it can be bothersome to those who suffer from it.

There are cosmetic procedures and maintenance treatments to target and prevent the spread of the active vitiligo, but the results can fade over time. Some sufferers of this skin condition opt to cover their vitiligo with makeup and camouflage products to achieve instant results, but this routine can increasingly feel like a tedious task.

The MEDix™ Vitiligo Relief Spray is specifically formulated to stimulate the repigmentation of the affected areas. So, this product is especially beneficial to those who are looking for a safe and natural solution with long-term results.


Kian Sanchez, USA

I've had very noticeable white patches around my eyes and a huge one near my mouth, and the MEDix™ Vitiligo Relief Spray took care of the problem! I was pleasantly surprised at the gentle, fast-acting formula. I can spray it on my hand and apply the solution near my eyes without me tearing up. No stinging. It works without the allergic reaction or irritation.


Anna Griffiths, AU

The unsightly vitiligo patches on my face drained the little self-confidence I had left. It was very hard to find a foundation shade or camouflage makeup that matches my brown skin, so concealing the spots had become a problem. The MEDix™ Vitiligo Relief Spray is godsent! I can't express in words how grateful I am that I tried this product and I didn't have to shell out money for derm visits. This evens out my facial skin tone in less than a month! Thank you to whoever formulated this product.


Megan Bradley, UK

I've had skin pigmentation issues for as long as I could remember, and the MEDix™ Vitiligo Relief Spray is the only product where I've seen a massive improvement. I've only been using this for two weeks and I could already see it repairing my skin. I'll continue using and repurchasing. Thanks for such a wonderful, easily accessible product!


This treatment spray is infused with a potent blend of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial herbal extracts that balances melanocytes and keratinocytes, boosting the repigmentation process of the skin.

Packed with antioxidants from the skin-healing ingredients such as saffron, Java Brucea, and Radix Stemonae, this liquid formula treats vitiligo spots from the source. The ingredients work at a deeper level to reduce the immunological response in vitiligo patches by inhibiting JAK/STAT signaling, which plays a crucial role in the depigmentation of vitiligo.

  • Saffron - Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, saffron helps enhance skin tone, repair damaged skin cells, and promote healing
  • Java Brucea- Shows significant corrosive ability in a range of vitiligo; helps boost melanin production

  • Radix Stemonae - One of the commonly prescribed Chinese herbs for vitiligo and other pigmentary disorders, Radix Stemonae has antipruritic effects in substances that help skin detoxify. It also helps relieve and suppress chemical-induced contact dermatitis.

With regular use, the MEDix™ Vitiligo Relief Spray will boost melanin production and restore the affected area’s natural color without any side effect or irritation.

Product Features:

  • Contains herbal extract formula that targets vitiligo, leukoplakia, and other skin diseases
  • Improves epidermal melanocytes and keratinocytes in vitiligo
  • Diminishes the appearance of white patches and promotes a more even skin tone
  • Works at a deeper level to repair melanin pigmentation of vitiligo skin without side effects
  • Stimulates melanocytes function to boost skin repigmentation

  • Moisturizes and soothes the skin
  • Gentle and comfortable when sprayed and absorbed by the skin, making it safe to use on the face, neck, arms, legs, and other affected areas all over your body
  • Made with highly qualified formulators to ensure excellence in quality and consistency

Our dermatologist founder developed the MEDix™ Vitiligo Relief Spray and carried out clinical trials. And based on the research study, the all-natural herbal formula was successful in treating the vitiligo symptoms, skin discoloration, and lack of melanin of participating patients.


Ramzi Rahmanzai shares his skin healing experience with the MEDix™ Vitiligo Relief Spray.

I’ve had vitiligo spots across my face, and it wasn’t until I noticed that they were spreading that I decided to try a no-fuss remedy that I could easily do at home. I decided to take the all-natural route and went for the MEDix™ Vitiligo Relief Spray.

Week 1:

The first few sprays, I didn’t experience any sting, itch or any skin irritation. So that was my sign to go ahead and continue using the product. It immediately felt soothing and hydrating on my skin. No visible improvement on the spots.

Week 2:

During the second week, I began to see color on the spots. The worst spots on my forehead and around the nose and chin area were fading.

Week 3:

Completely healed! The MEDix™ Vitiligo Relief Spray restores the original pigment on my problem areas. I’m so thankful that I didn’t need to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist to get this treated. Try this if you have the same skin disorder as I had and if you’re looking for a safe, at-home treatment.


Product Specifications:

  • Net content: 30ml
  • Net weight: 50g
  • Shelf life: 2 years
  • Core ingredients: Saffron, Java Brucea, and Radix Stemonae


Package includes:
1 x MEDix™ Vitiligo Relief Spray

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