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QuickShred Thermogenic Moissanite Spinner Ring

QuickShred Thermogenic Moissanite Spinner Ring

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  • Cruelty Free
  • Pthalate Free
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QuickShred Thermogenic Moissanite Spinner Ring

QuickShred Thermogenic Moissanite Spinner Ring

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price
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Let's take a look what our happy customers say:

I have been wearing this QuickShed Thermogenic Moissanite Spinner Ring for 3 months now and I am very satisfied that it helps to shed my stubborn fat. I will admit my diet is not the best, I tend to eat snacks and junk food. Since I started wearing this ring, my appetite was controlled and my cravings for snacks have drastically reduced, which helps me to lose weight around my belly. Highly recommend this!

Alaina Pound, 33, California

I've always had trouble not only losing pounds but also seeing a physical change. Since I wore the QuickShed Thermogenic Moissanite Spinner Ring, I was able to 'deflate' my belly and slim down my hip. I have never been in this body shape before and I feel more confident wearing tighter clothes and also look good in them! Thanks to QuickShed!

Sandra Ramos, 37, Maryland

What is Thermogenetic Therapy?

Thermogensis therapy was discovered by Dr. Michael Roy Davis in the 1970s. The researched analyzed the different effects of positive and negative charges on human body. Dr. Davis found that thermogenic therapy is mainly triggered by titanium ions. He claimed that titanium ion energy can kill malignant cells, relieve arthritis pain and improve blood circulation.

This therapy helps to realign energy channels, rebalance the body's natural flow and assist in self-healing. Titanium ion helps to relieve alignments such as anxiety, depression and insomnia, or physical ailments like digestive problems. 

In 2000, QuickShed's founder Kazumi Kudo invented a sport device that incorporates titanium ion to improve the convenience and accessibility of therapy. She explored tons of methods and eventually made a scientific breakthrough: alternating the north-south polarity of the titanium ion.

QuickShed Thermogenic Moissanite Spinner Ring is a revolutionary Japanese medical product. Incorporating the alternating north-south polarity orientation, the ring is fully magnetized by 55mT at 10mm intervals - which allows the titanium ion to power the entire neck loop to spread its effects over a larger area, resulting in improved blood circulation, metabolism and increased masculine energy.

What makes QuickShed Thermogenic Moissanite Spinner Ring special?

Typical magnet products in the market either use magnets with minimal magnetic field penetrations or cause poles to repel each other, creating a dead zone between magnets. QuickShed Thermogenic Moissanite Spinner Ring employs an alternating north-south polarity orientation to maximize magnetic field flow and release electromagnetic charge, which helps to remove blockages in the body and restore a natural energy flow.

  • Effective detoxification
  • Powerful titanium ion therapy
  • Decongest blood stream and lymph nodes
  • The wire mesh design release moissanite elements 10x faster
  • Reduces 60% of excess lymph fluid in 3 months
  • Boost metabolism and blood circulation
  • Natural solution for lymphatic drainage and weight loss
  • Classic, elegant ring design
  • Comfortable to wear

Check out Patricia's weight loss journey with QuickShed Thermogenic Moissanite Spinner Ring:

After COVID quarantine I was heavier than I'd ever been. And now being in my late 30s, the extra weight has been coming off VERY slowly. Until I tried the QuickShed Thermogenic Moissanite Spinner Ring. In just 1 week I noticed an improvement right away. I'm not hungry and am eating less, which helped me lose 7 pounds easily!

It's my 4th week now and I am very happy with my progress, I have lost 16 pounds without doing a lot of exercises. I feel much more comfortable with my appearance!

All I can say is that I have never regretted buying this ring because it has changed my life and regained my self-esteem. I have lost 27 pounds in and I love my current body shape. I highly recommend this!


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size: 3mm
  • Weight: 2g
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